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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration
Novell Administration test

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration
Question: 122
You are logged in as user geeko, which will start the GRUB shell?
A. c
B. g
C. grub
D. c after switching to root
E. g after switching to root
F. grub after switching to root
Answer: F
Question: 123
What is the role of SuSEconfig?
A. It allows YaST to be a graphical tool.
B. It acts as the front end to various other programs.
C. It provides YaST the computer's hardware information.
D. It activates the configuration changes made when using a YaST module.
Answer: D
Question: 124
When configuring SSH on clients, which has precedence? (Choose 2.)
A. Command line options have precedence over options in the ~/.ssh/config file.
B. Options in the ~/.ssh/config file have precedence over Command line options.
C. Command line options have precedence over options in the /etc/ssh/ssh_config file.
D. Options in the /etc/ssh/ssh_config file have precedence over Command line options.
E. Options in the /etc/ssh/ssh_config file have precedence over options in the ~/.ssh/config
Answer: A, C
Question: 125
Which command will show the assigned permissions for each file or subdirectory in the
current directory?
A. ls
B. ls -a
C. ls -l
D. ls -p
E. ls -r
Answer: C
Question: 126
Click the Point-and-Click button to begin.
You want to configure the Novell client using the Novell Client Configuration Wizard in
YaST. Click on the icon or option that will allow you to select the Novell Client option.
Question: 127
Listed below is a portion of the /etc/passwd file: sgale:x:1000:100:practicum
development:/home/sgale:/bin/bash Which statement is true regarding user sgale?
A. sgale is the root user.
B. sgale is a system user.
C. sgale has no password.
D. sgale is a member of a normal group (GID 100).
E. sgale is a member of the practicum development group.
Answer: D
Question: 128
On a SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 desktop using the bash shell, which files are read when a
non- login shell is started?
A. ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile
B. /etc/profile, ~/.profile
C. /etc/profile, ~/.profile, /etc/bash.bashrc
D. /etc/bash.bashrc, /etc/bash.bashrc.local, and ~/.bashrc
E. /etc/profile, ~/.profile, /etc/bash.bashrc, /etc/bash.bashrc.local, and ~/.bashrc
Answer: D
Question: 129
If a graphical environment is installed during the installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise
Desktop 10, what is the default run-level used?
A. Run-level 1
B. Run-level 2
C. Run-level 3
D. Run-level 5
E. Run-level 6
Answer: D
Question: 130
Given the following information:
Which jobs are running in the background?
A. 1 only
B. 2 only
C. 4 only
D. 2 and 4 only
E. 1, 2, and 4
F. No processes are running in the background.
Answer: D
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Novell Administration test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/050-708 Search results Novell Administration test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/050-708 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Novell Novell To Beta-Test NetWare Services For Linux

Novell Nterprise Linux Services 1.0, which include file, print, messaging and directory services, will run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, according to the company.

The network services will also come bundled with consulting and technical support services, the company said.

In strong show of support, Dell Computer, Hewlett-Packard and IBM announced that they would offer Novell's Nterprise Linux solutions to their customers. The Nterprise Linux services are slated to ship later this year.

Sun, 10 Dec 2023 22:35:00 -0600 text/html https://www.crn.com/news/applications-os/18824544/novell-to-beta-test-netware-services-for-linux

Exam Information

(215) 968-1001

CLU College Code: 4088

Exam Preparation

About the LSAT

The Law School Administration Test (LSAT) is administered four times a year at designated centers worldwide. The LSAT is a 3½ hour standardized test designed to measure some of the thinking skills considered essential for success in law school. It is required for admission to all 194 law schools that comprise the membership of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). LSAC develops and administers the LSAT with the assistance of the American College Testing (ACT).

Scoring Range

LSAT scores range from 120 to 180.

Many law schools will weigh your LSAT score more than your GPA. Some schools weigh your LSAT score 70% versus 30% for your GPA, meaning that this 3 1/2 hour test is worth more than 4 years undergraduate work! Research the law schools you are applying to for this information because the value of the LSAT varies tremendously from school to school.

National Averages
  • 50th Percentile: 151
  • 75th Percentile: 157
  • 90th Percentile: 164
  • 95th Percentile: 167
  • 99th Percentile: 172–190

Test Structure

The LSAT consists of five 35-minute sections of multiple choice questions and one 30-minute writing sample. Only four of the five sections are scored. The fifth section is experimental where new items are tested. The writing sample is not scored but copies of the sample are sent to all law schools to which a candidate applies.

In keeping with its predictability, every LSAT consists of the same basic elements. There are six of these basic elements to every LSAT- sections, directions, statements, questions, answers, and time.

While they are commonly referred to as test sections, these elements, are in fact, separate tests. It is important to understand that each LSAT consists of five of these tests, as well as a writing sample. Although there is only one LSAT score, there are five different tests on every LSAT.

Test Sections

Each section comes with directions. The directions tell you what you are expected to do on that section. Directions are important.

A statement precedes most question and answer-choice sets. The statement provides certain information, some of which is relevant to the questions and answer choices that follow the statement. It is easy to confuse statements and questions.

Reading Comprehension
You will get a set of 5-8 questions and a passage that is 400-500 words long. You will get four passages per section. The questions will be similar to the SAT reading Comprehension questions, but more difficult. The passages are not arranged in any order of difficulty.

Logical Reasoning (Arguments)
Logical Reasoning questions constitute about half of the total LSAT questions. You will encounter at least two Logical Reasoning sections (three if the experimental is Logical Reasoning). Logical Reasoning questions test your ability to take apart an argument (a skill useful to lawyers).

Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)
These questions are designed to measure your ability to understand a system of relationships and to draw appropriate deductive conclusions about those relationships. You have to draw complex diagrams that lay out the parts of the question in a spatial relationship. The Analytical Reasoning (Games) section has about 24 questions broken into four "games" that are each five to eight questions long.

This section is not scored. It is used to test questions for use on future editions of the LSAT. It consists of the same types of questions as are included in one of the scored sections.

Writing Sample
The writing sample is provided to law schools along with your test score, but is not scored.

Scoring Breakdown

  • 4 of the 5 multiple-choice sections count toward your final LSAT score
  • 1 of the 5 sections is experimental, used only to test questions for future exams
  • Correct responses count equally, and no points are deducted for incorrect or blank responses
  • The essay is not scored, and is rarely used by admissions officers to evaluate your candidacy
  • Most top schools AVERAGE multiple LSAT Scores


Fri, 05 Feb 2016 03:41:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.callutheran.edu/students/career-services/graduate-school/exam-lsat.html
Carrying fentanyl test strips could lead to arrest. Now, Mass. lawmakers could legalize them. No result found, try new keyword!The state Senate on Thursday voted unanimously to amend a state law that classifies lifesaving fentanyl test strips, which have become a vital tool in stemming overdose deaths, as illegal drug ... Thu, 04 Jan 2024 06:05:37 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ Test Accessibility

It is the responsibility of faculty to make their tests accessible. That said, there are many times when faculty are unable to provide a necessary test accommodation. In these cases, students may schedule exams with Disability Resources through our Test Accessibility Services (TAS). These are the steps students should take if they wish to use their test accommodations. Please note that Disability Resources only administers exams for students who have affiliated with our office.

  1. Talk to your instructor. After you release your access plan to your instructor, be sure to follow it up with an email or face-to-face conversation about the best place for you to take your exams. Please note that tests at TAS must begin no earlier than 8 a.m. and must finish by 4 p.m. Exams scheduled in late afternoon and evening classes outside of these times may be taken at TAS during regular business hours.
  2. If your test or quiz is online and unproctored, remind your instructor of your accommodations. They will extend your time in the online test platform. You can use your own computer to take the test in a quiet location.
  3. If you are taking exams with your instructor, you’re done! Congratulations! Remember that Disability Resources is available for test accommodations for you in the future if your instructor’s accommodations are not working out. In such cases, it is important to have a conversation with your instructor about this first.
  4. If you and your instructor decide you should take your exams with Disability Resources, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule the test in our Test Accessibility Scheduling Service (TASS). You may watch video tutorials of a summary of the systemhow to submit a request to take an test with TAS, and how to view all of your requests.
  5. Students should request to take exams at the same time as the rest of the class. Exceptions are allowed if extended time would involve the test taking place outside of business hours or would require missing another class. 
  6. If you wish to be certain you can take your test with Disability Resources, schedule the test at least 5 business days in advance. If you request to take an test with fewer days’ notice, it is possible we may be unavailable. Once it is 24 hours before your test time (or 72 hours before a Monday exam), you may not use the online scheduling system.
  7. You may schedule all of your exams at the beginning of the semester to ensure you have given enough notice. If an test date or time is later changed, please cancel the request in the system and make a new request.
  8. To finalize your request, your instructor must approve it in the system. If you have not made your request at least 5 business days in advance, Disability Resources will have to approve it as well. You will receive email notifications when your requests have been approved. If your test date is nearing and you still have not received approval, please contact your instructor and/or TAS.
  9. Finally, be sure to show up at TAS for your test on time!

Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman, Assistant Director, Disability Resources
Fahima Aqtar, Graduate Assistant, Disability Resources
Meaghan Doyle, Graduate Assistant, Disability Resources
Cierra Stone, Graduate Assistant, Disability Resources

Memorial Library, B-121A

Sat, 22 Dec 2018 08:23:00 -0600 en text/html https://www2.cortland.edu/offices/disability-resources/students/test-administration-students.dot
Providing Accessible Tests

It is the responsibility of faculty to provide accessible tests at SUNY Cortland. That said, there are many times when instructors are unable to provide a necessary test accommodation. In these cases, Disability Resources will do so as a service to faculty through Test Accessibility Services (TAS). Please note that TAS is only available to students who have registered with Disability Resources.

These are the steps an instructor should take if a student comes to you with an accommodations letter.

  1. Talk to your students about their test accommodations. Depending on the nature of your tests, the testing environment, your schedule, and the student’s accommodations, you may or may not be able to provide test accommodations. Please note that tests at TAS must begin no earlier than 8 a.m. and must finish by 4 p.m. Exams scheduled in late afternoon and evening classes outside of these times may be scheduled at TAS during regular business hours.
  2. If you and the student decide the exams should be administered at TAS, it is the student’s responsibility to place a request to schedule them in the online system. 
  3. If a student wants to be certain to take an test at TAS, she must place the request at least 5 business days in advance. We accept student requests with fewer days’ notice, but we tell students that it is possible that TAS may be unavailable and that faculty may not receive the request in time. Once it is 24 hours before the test time (or 72 hours before a Monday exam), students may not use the online scheduling system. At this point, we will sometimes place a request in the system on a student's behalf if they communicate with us that they need to do so. However, we stress to the student that the instructor may not have time to approve the request and get us the test with such late notice.
  4. Students may schedule all of your exams at the beginning of the semester or one at a time throughout the semester. If an test date or time is later changed, the student may cancel the request in the system and make a new request.
  5. Once a student makes a request, you will receive an email at your college email account notifying you to approve or deny the request in the online system. If you do not act on the request, you will receive email reminders to do so.
  6. For each request, you will be asked:
    • If the dates and times meet your approval;
    • If students are allowed any extra materials, such as a calculator, books, or notes;
    • How you will deliver the exams to TAS;
    • How you would like TAS to return the exams to you.
    • If you choose, you may enter notes that may be read by TAS staff and the student. You may also choose to have an automated email sent to you to remind you to deliver the exam. If you find video tutorials helpful, this will walk you through the process of receiving and responding to requests.
  7. If the student did not make the request at least 5 business days in advance, TAS will have to approve it as well. You will receive email notification only if TAS denies such a request.
  8. Please remember to deliver your exams to TAS on time. Students who must wait for or reschedule an test are not receiving equal access to your course. The delivery reminder feature in the test scheduling system can be helpful here.

Contact: tas@cortland.edu

Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman, Assistant Director, Disability Resources
Fahima Aqtar, Graduate Assistant
Meaghan Doyle, Graduate Assistant
Cierra Stone, Graduate Assistant

Memorial Library, B-121A

Sat, 22 Dec 2018 08:23:00 -0600 en text/html https://www2.cortland.edu/offices/disability-resources/faculty/test-administration-faculty_copy.dot
FDA approves first ever DNA test to help screen for risk of opioid use disorder No result found, try new keyword!The first-ever DNA test to help determine if someone has a greater risk of developing opioid use disorder was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week. The FDA approved the ... Thu, 21 Dec 2023 03:41:00 -0600 en text/html https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/4371656-first-dna-test-opioid-use-disorder-approved-fda/ Test Optional Policy

Since 1969, we've been selecting the right applicants for Bowdoin, using only the materials that we require of you: your transcripts, your writing, and how your teachers talk about you.

This policy allows applicants to decide for themselves whether or not their SAT or ACT results accurately reflect their academic ability and potential. For candidates electing to submit them, test scores will be reviewed along with other indicators of academic ability. 

Forty-six percent of students in the Class of 2026 chose not to submit their scores.

Score Suppression

Applicants indicate on their applications whether they would like Bowdoin to review their standardized test results. Applicants also have the option to select some test types and not others for review (for example, a student might choose to use their SAT scores, but not their ACT). Applicants have until the application deadline to suppress their scores.

  • For applicants using the Common Application, these questions are located in the Bowdoin-specific questions section of the application.
  • For applicants using the Coalition on Scoir application, these questions are located in the Application Questions section.
  • For applicants using the QuestBridge Application, these questions are located on a Bowdoin-specific form available in the applicant portal after submitting the application.

Bowdoin will not review selected sections of an SAT or an ACT score (for example, just the Science portion of the ACT). If an applicant chooses to include scores for a specific test type, Bowdoin will review the complete score for that test type.


Bowdoin will "superscore" the SAT. Meaning, the admissions committee will consider the highest Critical Reading, Math, and Writing Scores submitted by an applicant, irrespective of test date.

Bowdoin will NOT combine results from Redesigned and pre-Redesign SAT exams to create a new total score. We will superscore Redesigned and pre-Redesign results separately, considering the highest section and total scores submitted from either set of results.

Bowdoin also superscores the ACT. The admissions committee will consider the highest submitted Composite score and subsection scores, and will also recalculate a new Composite score from subsection scores earned on different test dates.

Score Reports

For students submitting standardized test scores, we will accept scores that are self-reported on the student’s application, reported by the testing agency, or submitted through the self-report form found in the Bowdoin Application Portal. We accept self-reported scores for all applicants.

Bowdoin will verify scores for all enrolling students. Discrepancies between self-reported and official scores may jeopardize a student’s place at Bowdoin.

Official Score Reports

We will accept scores reported on a school transcript or sent to our office by a school counselor or CBO advisor as official. Official score reports may be sent to our office by email, fax, mail, or directly from the testing agency. Our testing codes are: 3089 (College Board) and 1636 (ACT).

Is standardized testing required for certain applicants?

No. Bowdoin College is test-optional for all applicants. Homeschooled candidates can find further information on additional requirements and recommendations on the Homeschooled Students page.

International applicants can find more information about required English proficiency testing on the International Applicant page.

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 01:05:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.bowdoin.edu/admissions/our-process/test-optional-policy/index.html
Budget crunch presents early test of Moore administration No result found, try new keyword!Wes More (D) with one of the toughest challenges of his nascent administration. Ever ebullient, Moore was sworn in earlier this year vowing to move quickly to rebuild state government, end ... Mon, 18 Dec 2023 23:04:00 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ The Trump Administration Paid Millions for Test Tubes — and Got Unusable Mini Soda Bottles

This story first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox.

Since May, the Trump administration has paid a fledgling Texas company $7.3 million for test tubes needed in tracking the spread of the coronavirus nationwide. But, instead of the standard vials, Fillakit LLC has supplied plastic tubes made for bottling soda, which state health officials say are unusable.

The state officials say that these “preforms,” which are designed to be expanded with heat and pressure into 2-liter soda bottles, don’t fit the racks used in laboratory analysis of test samples. Even if the bottles were the right size, experts say, the company’s process likely contaminated the tubes and could yield false test results. Fillakit employees, some not wearing masks, gathered the miniature soda bottles with snow shovels and dumped them into plastic bins before squirting saline into them, all in the open air, according to former employees and ProPublica’s observation of the company’s operations.

“It wasn’t even clean, let alone sterile,” said Teresa Green, a retired science teacher who worked at Fillakit’s makeshift warehouse outside of Houston for two weeks before leaving out of frustration.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency signed its first deal with Fillakit on May 7, just six days after the company was formed by an ex-telemarketer repeatedly accused of fraudulent practices over the past two decades. Fillakit has supplied a total of more than 3 million tubes, which FEMA then approved and sent to all 50 states. If the company fulfills its contractual obligation to provide 4 million tubes, it will receive a total of $10.16 million.

Officials in New York, New Jersey, Texas and New Mexico confirmed they can’t use the Fillakit tubes. Three other states told ProPublica that they received Fillakit supplies and have not distributed them to testing sites. FEMA has asked health officials in several states to find an alternative use for the unfinished soda bottles.

“We are still trying to identify an alternative use,” said Janelle Fleming, a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Department of Health.

Fillakit owner Paul Wexler acknowledged that the tubes are normally used for soda bottles but otherwise declined to comment.

The Fillakit deal shows the perils of the Trump administration’s frantic hiring of first-time federal contractors with little scrutiny during the pandemic. The federal government has awarded more than $2 billion to first-time contractors for work related to the coronavirus, a ProPublica analysis of purchasing data shows. Many of those companies, like Fillakit, had no experience with medical supplies.

The U.S. has lagged behind many European countries in its rate of testing people for the coronavirus, partly because of supply shortages or inadequacies. Epidemiologists say testing is vital to tracking the virus and slowing transmission. In at least one state, the shipment of unusable Fillakit tubes contributed to delays in rolling out widespread testing.

“They’re the most unusable tubes I’ve ever seen,” said a top public health scientist in that state, who asked to remain anonymous to protect his job. “They’re going to sit in a warehouse and no one can use them. We won’t be able to do our full plan.”

In a written response to questions, FEMA said it inspects testing products “to ensure packaging is intact to maintain sterility; that the packing slip matches the requested product ordered, and that the vials are not leaking.” It said that “product validation” that medical supplies are effective “is reinforced at the state laboratories.”

The agency did not answer questions about the size and lack of sterilization of Fillakit’s tubes or about why it sought an alternative use for them.

Fillakit is one of more than 300 new federal contractors providing supplies related to COVID-19. A ProPublica analysis last month found about 13% of total federal government spending on pandemic-related contracts went to first-time vendors. FEMA said last month that it only pays for products once they have been delivered, minimizing the risk of wasting taxpayer dollars.

“FEMA does not enter into contracts unless it has reason to believe they will be successfully executed,” it said.

Preforms, the small tubes also known in the plastics industry as “baby soda bottles” or “blanks,” have a following among elementary school science teachers and amateur scientists, but they don’t meet rigorous laboratory standards. They’re much cheaper than glass vials and can be sealed off with a soda bottle cap. When inflated with high-pressure air, the soft plastic expands to the size of a 2-liter soda bottle.

The preforms arrive at Fillakit’s warehouse in a huge shipping container. The tubes are then shoveled into smaller bins. Workers add the saline solution and screw on caps. The tubes are then loosely piled in bags and sent to FEMA, which forwards them to the states. Typically, test tubes are individually packaged to guard against contamination.

Washington state, an epicenter of the first outbreak of the virus, got more than 76,000 Fillakit vials from FEMA. None can be used.

“They were packaged unusually,” said Frank Ameduri, a spokesman for the state Health Department. “Not in a way we’re used to seeing, and they were not labeled. Some of them have been sent to our lab for quality control. None of the vials will be used until we’ve identified what’s in them and that they are safe for use.”

About 140,000 Fillakit tubes are also shelved in Texas, where officials were slow to roll out testing. The number of confirmed cases in Texas has increased by more than one-third in the past two weeks, according to data gathered by The COVID Tracking Project.

“There were issues with the labeling, and they use saline rather than viral transport medium, so we have not used them for our testing efforts,” said Chris Van Deusen, a spokesman for the Texas health department.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has only validated one solution, known as viral transport medium, as reliable in preserving the coronavirus RNA from decay or destruction by substances in the container. However, because that medium is in short supply, the FDA has also granted an emergency authorization for other products it believes can keep the virus intact for up to three days.

Fillakit has been squirting one of the alternatives into its tubes, phosphate buffered saline, which the FDA says should be placed into “a sterile glass or plastic vial.”

A spokeswoman for the Maryland-based Association of Public Health Laboratories, a membership organization that writes best practices and helps connect public health labs with government agencies, said it has heard rumblings about Fillakit’s tubes but “nothing deadly.”

“The bigger issue is the size of the tubes,” said the spokeswoman, Michelle Forman. “They are an unusual shape so they don’t fit racks, and we are getting lots of pushback about how difficult it is to work with them from our clinical partners.”

Richard Loeb, a contract law expert at the University of Baltimore, said FEMA has the power to claw back money paid to contractors, remove them from the government’s list of approved vendors or refer them to the agency’s inspector general.

“It’s outrageous enough that they [FEMA] ordered something to test for COVID-19, and they got something that can’t be used to test for COVID-19,” Loeb said. “I still am a little bit troubled as to why FEMA accepted them. … They may have stupidly accepted something that was nonconforming.”

Wexler, Fillakit’s owner, has a background in law and real estate, not medical supplies. In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission accused Wexler and his telemarketing firm of illegal robocalling, making unauthorized charges to consumers’ bank accounts and falsely claiming to be a nonprofit organization. Wexler’s firm allegedly misrepresented itself as a credit counseling service for several years, charging customers for work it did not do, according to court records.

Wexler, who denied the charges, settled the case a year later. The settlement banned him from offering debt relief services — but not from being a federal contractor — and imposed a $2.7 million judgment.

Fillakit and another Wexler company, Cleargate Labs, operate out of the same warehouse in The Woodlands, a sprawling Houston suburb.

Cleargate describes itself as a “network of primary clinical laboratories” on its website. Last year, the company cold-called an elderly Iowa woman, told her that it was marketing a DNA screening for cancer genes and offered to send her testing supplies in exchange for her Medicare number, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Suspecting a scam, the woman reported the company to local law enforcement. Cleargate did not bill her and was not charged with a crime.

Three former Fillakit employees said that its process was unsterile. Workers shoveled up the tubes from unsanitary surfaces. The liquid that they added to each tube to preserve samples for lab analysis was kept in trays exposed to the air, which was whipped around by large fans.

Standards were compromised in the rush to meet productivity goals, Green said. “At the beginning, they were being picky, saying, ‘You have to make sure it’s at least 2 milliliters.’ And sometimes there were tubes that didn’t have any [solution] in there,” she said.

Wexler would come in and “cuss and scream at everybody in this warehouse about how nobody’s paying attention to what they’re doing,” she said.

Wexler and Stephen Wachtler, a manager at Cleargate and Fillakit, “were telling us, ‘Yeah, we gotta have four bins by lunch,’” Green said. “‘We gotta have 10 bins before you leave at 5 o’clock. Work faster, work faster.’”

Green said that few employees at the company had backgrounds in science or medicine. In May, during Fillakit’s first week of operations, the company did not provide workers with face masks, she said, raising concerns that fluid from their noses and mouths could land inside the tubes. Later, supervisors did hand out masks but did not require employees to wear them.

On June 10, a ProPublica reporter observed workers, some not wearing masks, standing over snow shovels and bins of tiny soda bottles.

Wexler and workers loaded a shipment of tubes into an Enterprise rental truck, which lacked the refrigeration that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say is needed to safely transport legitimate testing supplies.

Wexler denied a request to tour the warehouse. Asked about the lack of sterile conditions and the use of soda preforms, Wexler screamed, “What’s your problem, man?”

Michelle Hardy, a retired nurse who worked at Fillakit through June 10, said her concerns about contamination were dismissed by Wachtler. He did not respond to requests for comment.

“I kind of said to Stephen, ‘Is this supposed to be, like, clean technique, or sterile technique or what?’” Hardy said. “He’s like: ‘No, it’s fine. It’s fine what you’re doing because they’re just testing for COVID, and so if there’s any other bacteria or viruses in there then it’s not going to show up.’”

That’s not true, according to Vjollca Konjufca, an associate professor of microbiology at Southern Illinois University. If Fillakit employees were infected, they might have contaminated the tubes with their own virus, potentially causing false test results, she said.

Konjufca was part of a team at her university that manufactured the viral transport solution validated by the FDA. She said they followed strict protocols to ensure tests aren’t contaminated.

“We filter-sterilize, and then we add antibiotics,” Konjufca said. “The whole work is handled under a biosafety hood … so it does not allow any sort of air from the room, particulates or whatever, to get into your vials.”

There are many ways to mess up medical testing, so careful manufacturing is vital. Some substances in saliva or the plastic vials can damage virus RNA and alter test results, Konjufca said.

“You cannot just makeshift use soda bottles to make tubes,” she said. “You have enzymes in there and you have contaminants that can mess up the results.”

Thu, 18 Jun 2020 00:10:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/the-trump-administration-paid-millions-for-test-tubes-and-got-unusable-mini-soda-bottles
FAA Demands Changes Before SpaceX Can Launch Starship to Orbit

"One step closer to the first orbital flight test of Starship."


The Federal Aviation Administration has released its long-awaited environmental assessment into SpaceX's Starship launch program at its testing facilities in South Texas, paving the way for the company's inaugural orbital test launch.

The upshot: the Elon Musk-led company will have to make a substantial amount of changes to its launch site, as detailed in a 183-page document, to ensure the site's impact on the surrounding environment is minimal.

It's been a long time coming — the investigation kicked off in November 2020, and the final assessment was delayed at least five times over the last six months, according to CNBC. Overall, the release is probably good news for SpaceX, although it's going to have to make some changes to comply with the requests.

"One step closer to the first orbital flight test of Starship," a SpaceX tweet reads.

No Significant Impact

Despite the changes, the FAA found that SpaceX's Starship efforts will "not significantly affect the quality of the human environment."

In other words, the company will still be able to launch its massive Moon-bound Starship spacecraft and its equally massive Super Heavy Booster from its site dubbed "Starbase" — which also happens to be home to a protected US National Wildlife Refuge.

The more than 75 mitigation measures listed in the document include a variety of different requested changes, from limiting noise levels to making changes to the handling of biohazard materials.

SpaceX will also have to work with a "qualified biologist" to figure out a way to minimize the impacts lighting at the site has on sea turtles.

The company will also have to ensure the local history is preserved with the cataloguing of historical landmarks, and even "construct a wildlife viewing platform."

Countdown to Launch

In return, SpaceX will be allowed to launch its Starship and Super Heavy from its Boca Chica, Texas launch site, as well as land its spacecraft on a "floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico, or in the water in the Pacific Ocean (near Hawaii)," according to the FAA's documentation.

It's an exciting moment for the space company. Engineers have been hard at work constructing a massive launch tower at the site, aiding during launch and landing of Starship and its booster.

The company has yet to set a date for its inaugural launch into orbit, but given the news, we should be hearing from them soon.

READ MORE: FAA requires SpaceX to make environmental adjustments to move forward with its Starship program in Texas [CNBC]

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